Tim Dixon

What you can expect when working with Tim as a therapist or ADHD coach…

Tim Dixon -
A psychotherapist who balances compassion with curiosity to support the changes that clients wish to achieve.

My psychotherapy practice focuses on helping clients who struggle with the symptoms of ADHD to develop their specific coping strategies for managing the chaos in their lives this neurological condition can create.

While I specialize in supporting older adolescents and young adults, my leadership coach training and 30 years of providing management consulting serves to guide those ‘more professionally experienced’ clients facing career challenges due to ADHD symptoms.

Many of my clients have the skills and knowledge to achieve their goals at work but were struggling to move from intention to action.  That sense of ‘underachieving’ can reek havoc on one’s self-concept, which makes for scattered thought processes …and so the cycle of emotional dysregulation deepens.

The Gottman Method guides my approach to couples counselling.  When a relationship rupture has occurred between intimate partners, we will work to rebuild the trust and friendship that serves as the foundation for healthy communication needed to rebuild shared goals for a life together.

For First Responders who are experiencing PTSD or vicarious traumatization, deploying Somatic Experiencing approaches can assist in their crisis stabilization and return to emotional safety.

Whether online or in-person, we will build a therapeutic relationship grounded in trust

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While we will use assessments to understand the symptoms you are experiencing, you are the expert on your life.  My collaborative approach to therapy means that we will develop strategies together for making the changes in your life that matter most for you.

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A range of therapy approaches can be leveraged to assess, explore, and ultimately reduce or resolve the interpersonal, emotional, and/or psychological challenges preventing you from thriving in all aspects of your life.

Exploring what happened to you can help heal the hurt.

Talking about your past with a therapist can help you to reframe your sense of self and build a new story of who you are and what is possible going forward.

We will help you develop emotional regulation practices to serve you when events in your current life, or memories from your past, trigger negative emotions or intrusive thoughts.

Tim can help you examine how what you had experienced growing up impacts your current relationships and distressing feelings.

Here are fundamental areas that couples counselling will address to help strengthen your relationship as loving partners, or to repair a recent rupture...

Confidentiality is fundamental for building trust within the client-counsellor connection.  Yet we can not have secrets between one partner and the therapist, even though 1-on-1 sessions will be part of the couple counselling process.  Tim will support and guide couples in the process of disclosing difficult news or unmet needs, to create health dialogue and develop agreed upon boundaries and expectation in the relationship.

#1 Build Love Maps

Maintain awareness of your partner’s world

#2 Share Fondness and Admiration

Make deposits into the Emotional Bank Account

#3 Turn Towards Instead of Away

Accept bids for emotional connection

#4 The Positive Perspective

A positive perspective occurs when the friendship of your marriage is strong

#5 Manage Conflict

 Accept influence from your partner: be open to compromise

#6 Make Life Dreams Come True

Find ways to support each other’s life goals and dreams

#7 Create Shared Meaning

Build a shared sense of purpose. What is your mission and legacy?

Helping couples to strengthen their own Sound Relationship House

Tim draws from his training with The Gottman Method by helping couples engage in exercises based on the Sound Relationship House framework.

My commitment to confidentiality will be the foundation of our therapeutic relationship